Friday, 5 November 2010

Photography Research...

"Peeping Tom" by James Hill

Self portrait work.

A photography collection all shot in the same bathroom, the reflections are created in the editing stage. To see how its done click on this:

This photographers work really inspires me because it relates to one of my initial ideas but it has a clever and funny approach, using a different reflection makes the picture comical. Great effort has been put into the continuity of each picture.

Matt Stuart 'Exposes Everything'

Matt Stuarts photography is interesting because its not always obvious to the eye what the picture is about. His photographs are humerous, which i think is what makes him a popular photographer.
The black and white photographs are my favourites because i like the clash between dark and light. His collection of images are shot at mid or long shots, not from high angles which i think makes them very realistic.

David Dunnico 'Reality TV'

An exhibition in the Mezzanine Gallery in the Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. The exhibiton was held from 24 February to 27 March 2010.
Read an interview about the exhibition here:

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