Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Final Idea...

The final idea is a substitution picture
influenced by 'The Son Of Man' by Magritte

However instead of covering the face with an apple, i will use cameras to reinforce the idea that we are continually being watched.
Ive drawn a quick story board to demonstrate my ideas for my final collection of images

I feel story boarding my ideas is a good way to plan as i have had previous experience in creating story boards. Although my drawing leaves a lot to the imagination, written details can be added for reference.

The first shot is set on the high street, its a crowd of people all looking at the camera with cameras covering their eyes. The idea is to include a wide audience of people to show it doesn't matter who you are or where you are, you're always being watched.

The second shot is set in a restaurant. The picture shows two people conversing and eating in whilst people surrounding them are watching again with cameras covering their eyes.

The third shot is situated on a park bench. It displays a few people sat on a bench. On the right hand side of the frame you see a woman walk past. The people on the bench watch her as she walks past using the cameras as vision equipment.

The last planned shot is in a supermarket. The model will be casually food shopping adding items to their trolley whilst bystanders are watching.

All of the shots will be long or mid shots purely because its the best way to include the extras which are pretending to take pictures.

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