Sunday, 31 October 2010

Surveillance Film...

By researching surveillance i found a film made by Nino Leitner an Austrian film maker. Its titled "Every Step You Take" and is a 67 minute documentary filmed in London England. Leitner was inspired to make this short film by the amount of CCTV cameras he had seen whilst living in London. The film raises important points highlighting the 'war on terror' and the cost of the recording devices. Members of the public and experts including professors and chief constables.

Trailer for "Every step you take"

Stills from the film

Regular CCTV camera

Face recognition on CCTV cameras

People tracking on CCTV

The most shocking part of the film is the fact that the Government does this behind our back,hidden as lamp posts. CCTV cameras now create fear rather than a feeling of safety and control. I find myself asking whether the Government want to protect us or just watch us to make sure we are not doing anything suspicious! 
 Paranormal Activity - Oren Peli
Made the same year as esyt (but released 2009), paranormal takes a different approach to a surveillance film. This feature length horror film which was nominated for many awards uses surveillance not to watch other people but to watch themselves whilst they sleep to see if there is a demonic presence in their home.

Taking inspiration from this film i want to include times for the pictures i am going to take.



Exploring the brief...

The aim of the brief is to produce a photograph that explores the theme 'exposed'.


these are my initial thoughts looking at the brief and elements i have interpreted from it. The surveillance angle is something I'm quite interested in and is something i will follow in more detail.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

The Briefs...

Ive been given two briefs to choose from, both very different but creative.

I will be required to produce a series of black and white or colour images around one of these two themes:

1- British Heart Foundation: Red for Heart. The only rule of the competition is that red must be incorperated somewhere into your photograph.

2- Sony Open World Photography Awards: 'Exposed'. the image should draw on themes explored within the Tate Modern's Exposed: Voyerism, surveilance and the camera exhibition.

Which one to choose...

The Beginning..

Well here is the blog - hopefully this will be filled with creative, imaginitive ideas.

i have no idea what im doing!

this will be fun