Friday, 5 November 2010

Initial Ideas...

I have three initial ideas:

The first is a more literal sense of the word exposure looking more at camera technique rather than subject matter. This series of pictures will show the difference in exposure and other techniques. I do feel that this idea will be quite difficult for me as i have no real photography skills and i also think it doesn't give me very much scope for a fashion angle.

The second idea is to expose the 'friday night in town' idea. Using the girls toilets as my base, taking pictures from inside and outside the toilet cubicles exposing the tears, tantrums and the inevitable throwing up. This could potentially have more of a fashion angle as all the models could be styled.

The third idea is 'smile for the camera'. As i previously lived near London i know the statistic that we are caught on CCTV on average 300 times a day - which is scary. So for this shoot i want to use people in everyday locations, doing everyday tasks but being watched by onlookers. Instead of watching with their own eyes they are watching using cameras. This i think will have quite a frightening effect.

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